What Does It Mean For An Insurance Company To Act In Bad Faith?

As a person with health insurance coverage, whether through a private insurer, Medicare or Medicaid, you expect your health claims to be paid promptly, should the need arise. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. At Rapier Law Firm, we have seen time and time again the lengths that health insurance providers will go to in order to avoid paying your claim.

Health insurance providers use several tactics to avoid paying your claim, including general denials that the claim is covered under the policy, delaying investigation of the claim and paying only portions of the claim.

Often, these tactics result in unfortunate situations where people with medically necessary procedures are denied access to them. As you can imagine, not receiving medically necessary care can lead to serious bodily harm and sometimes even death. Other times, medical providers will provide care and bill the insurer, and the insurer will refuse to pay. These situations lead to mounting debt, sometimes even forcing the insured to file for bankruptcy.

You should never be put in either of these situations. State laws and regulations are on your side and strictly prohibit these actions by insurers. If insurers are violating their duty to you under the law, our attorneys can help you file a bad faith insurance claim. ​

We'll Help You Hold Insurance Companies Responsible

At Rapier Law Firm, our lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that your medically necessary claims are paid as soon as possible, and that you get the care you need. We understand that many of our clients find themselves in difficult financial situations due to bad faith insurance claim denials by insurance providers. You will not be required to pay us unless and until we find an appropriate remedy for you given your specific situation.

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