Protecting Victims Of Consumer Fraud

State and federal laws protect consumers from being taken advantage of, but even the most vigilant person can still fall victim to online scams, identify theft and other forms of consumer fraud. It is important to act as soon as you suspect you may have been a victim of consumer fraud, as this will give you the best possible chance of minimizing the damages and recovering fair compensation.

Dedicated to protecting consumer rights, Rapier Law Firm takes on a broad range of consumer fraud cases, including those involving:

  • Identity theft
  • Online scams and internet fraud
  • Unauthorized billing
  • Credit card fraud and credit card insurance fraud
  • Fraudulent loans and credit repair services

You Are Not Alone

Millions of people are taken advantage of by fraudulent businesses every year. By fighting back through litigation, you can not only regain what you have lost but also seek to prevent companies from harming more people. Consumer fraud cases frequently become class action cases, in which multiple plaintiffs sue the responsible party.

We can help determine whether your case may be part of a larger issue. Our Naperville, Illinois, firm frequently works with other attorneys to represent consumers in multiple states in consumer fraud class action lawsuits.

Talk To A Lawyer About What Happened

We welcome anyone who suspects they have been a victim of consumer fraud to schedule a free initial consultation at our firm. Call us at 331-305-5229 or send us an email to set up your case evaluation.