You Have Legal Options When Harmed By Toxic Substances

From lead-based paint to asbestos, harmful toxic substances are all too common in homes, businesses and public places. The results of exposure to a dangerous substance may not be apparent for months or even years, which can make it challenging to hold responsible parties accountable.

If you believe you or a family member has contracted a serious illness or been significantly injured by exposure to a toxic substance, the experienced attorneys at Rapier Law Firm want to help. In determining whether you have a toxic tort case, we will look at whether we can prove three main things:

  • You were exposed to the substance
  • The substance is, in fact, dangerous
  • The exposure to the substance harmed you

Some examples of toxic substances that can cause serious harm include:

  • Asbestos, which has been linked to mesothelioma (a rare type of lung cancer)
  • DDT and other pesticides, which can lead to birth injuries
  • Lead-based paint, which can cause brain damage in children
  • Benzene and other industrial chemicals

The Experience Needed To Handle Complicated Cases

We do this work because we care about helping people who have been harmed by negligence or wrongdoing. No matter how complicated your situation is, we want to help if we can.

We will take a hard, in-depth look at your case and discuss options for proceeding if it looks like you have a case. Our experience in a wide range of injury cases allows us to take on particularly complex cases, including class action toxic tort cases involving exposure that occurred many years ago.

Talk To A Lawyer About Your Case

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