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A greater risk for female soccer players when heading the ball

The popularity of soccer among women and girls has grown and FIFA reports that more than 30 million females play the game worldwide. Heading the ball is a signature move in soccer and can affect players’ brains. A recent Radiology study found "female amateur soccer players who frequently head balls showed more white matter brain alterations than their male counterparts."

The sample included 49 females and 49 males with ages ranging from 18 to 50. After the MRI imaging of their brains, the females were compared to a male player who was close to their age and had similar heading exposure. The lead author says that the research wasn’t about concussions. Instead, it measured “sub-concussive injuries.”


Lawsuits are not always about money. Sometimes, the crucial portion of a lawsuit settlement is a judicial order that requires the defendant to remedy the situation that caused the plaintiff's injury, thereby preventing future injury to other people.Rapier Law Firm is proud of its recent settlement on behalf of a plaintiff who was injured as the result of a dangerous condition at the entranceway of a St. Charles restaurant. As part of the settlement, and in addition to a monetary portion amounting to $2,500,000, Aaron was able to negotiate a requirement that the defendant fix the dangerous condition that caused the plaintiff's injury. The Firm's client was not the first person injured as the result of the unsafe entranceway, but should be the last at this restaurant.

International Seminar on Migration

On February 9th and 10th, Dario organized a seminar in the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands on the topic of Migration, Law and Religion. It seemed appropriate to host the seminar in the oldest city of the Netherlands which has historically been a crossroads for migrants of all types. The goal of the seminar was to bring people with varying backgrounds from all over the world together to discuss the very timely issue of how religion and religious freedom interact with migration law and policy.

Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Student who Suffered Serious Brain Trauma during Gym Class

The following facts were excerpted from the Appellate Court's decision. On the day of the injury, the student's regular P.E. teacher prepared a syllabus and classroom instructions for the substitute teacher. The student's injury arose during a half-court game of pick-up basketball. Though the student does not remember how he sustained the injury, his classmates recall that he jumped up to block another player and fell, hitting his head on the floor. The substitute teacher heard the student's head hit the floor, and rushed over. With the assistance of the school principals, he was transported to the emergency room.

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