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A judge must find negligence in wrongful death claims

Losing a loved one constitutes a traumatizing experience. When you lose a loved one due to the careless actions of a company or an individual, you may feel especially devastated. While beginning to recover, you know that you deserve compensation for the loss of your loved one, and you want to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the individual(s) responsible for your family member’s death.

You have the opportunity to receive substantial damages for both monetary expenses related to your loved one’s death, as well as the emotional effects that your loss has on your future. When you file a claim related to receiving compensation, you may wish to speak with an experienced wrongful death attorney, so that he or she can aid you in proving the negligent actions of the individual or company. You have a specific amount of time to file the claim, and you want to begin receiving reimbursement for expenses as soon as possible.

Trick-or-treat personal injury hazards in the neighborhood

Many Illinois parents enjoy Halloween as much as their children. There may be adult parties, costume contests and the Naperville Halloween Hop for all ages. Of course, trick-or-treating is the climax of the holiday. However, as spooky and fun as neighborhood properties may be, if property owners neglect to exercise precautions, those decorations may present a personal injury hazard for kids and chaperones.

Chances are that most of the houses children and parents visit for trick-or-treat are properties that they seldom visit. Combine that unfamiliarity with the dark of night and the gloomy decorations, and the result is an already dangerous situation. By law, if a neighbor's porch light is on, trick-or-treaters can consider it an invitation to come onto the property. If a neighbor is welcoming people onto the property, he or she has a responsibility to provide a reasonable standard of safety.

Does your employer's dress code violate your civil rights?

High schools in Illinois and across the country are dealing with many serious issues. Some administrations believe they can combat these issues through adherence to a strict dress code. In the business world, dress codes exist to promote the image of company professionalism, to make it easy for clients to distinguish employees or for safety issues. However, employers must be careful that their dress code policies do not violate the civil rights of their workers.

There are no laws to prevent employers from requiring a certain standard of dress and grooming for their employees. The issues arise when those policies discriminate against those of one gender by placing an unequal burden on them. For example, an employer may require women to wear makeup or certain hair styles but only stipulate that men appear well-groomed. Policies demanding women to wear skirts are not ideal but less problematic if similar restrictions are placed on men.

Craigslist is ripe with opportunities for consumer fraud

Shopping is not the same as it was even a generation ago. More consumers use online sites to buy clothing, household items and groceries. Even yard sale shopping has evolved since the advent of Craigslist. However, if Illinois Craigslist users are not cautious, they can become victims of consumer fraud.

Finding a bargain on Craigslist may be exciting, but it could be a scam. For example, many consumers who purchase tickets for concerts or sporting evens soon learn they have paid for fraudulent tickets or tickets that are already canceled. Consumer advocates recommend using only reputable ticket sites, especially when purchasing plane tickets.

Study ranks worst states for motor vehicle accidents

For anyone who is on the road frequently, it is not difficult to see that some areas are more dangerous than others. If one is driving across the country or within the state of Illinois, various factors can affect whether that drive is pleasant or white-knuckle all the way. A recent study examined some of those factors, including the number of motor vehicle accidents, and drivers may be surprised to learn where Illinois fits among the states with the worst motorists.

The study was conducted by advisors to auto insurance companies. The elements the researchers examined included how many drivers carried auto insurance, how DUI rates spread across the number of drivers and the ratio of miles driven to fatal accidents. Researchers also counted the number of times residents in the state used internet search terms related to moving violations.

Understanding bad faith insurance

It’s not unreasonable to expect your insurance company to pay your health claims promptly, should the need arise. In some circumstances, they don’t always do this. Health insurance providers often use tactics to avoid responsibility by denying the policy covers the claim or by delaying the investigation of the claim.

Luckily for you, state laws and regulations protect you and prohibit bad faith by insurers. You may be able to file a bad faith insurance claim if an insurance company is violating their law-abiding duty.

Does age-targeted job recruiting violate civil rights?

College graduates are no longer guaranteed to find a job just because they have a degree. If the job market is a challenge for young people in Illinois and across the country, those who are over 40 have even more difficulty finding work. While it is a violation of employment civil rights for an employer to refuse to hire someone simply because of his or her age, some businesses may have found a way around that law.

Several lawsuits are claiming that corporations are avoiding having to consider older workers by aiming their recruiting techniques at a younger audience. For example, instead of placing an ad on a job seeker website, a company may recruit exclusively on college campuses. Some employers narrow their recruitment by requiring candidates to have fewer than seven years of experience since older workers may have decades of past employment.

A greater risk for female soccer players when heading the ball

The popularity of soccer among women and girls has grown and FIFA reports that more than 30 million females play the game worldwide. Heading the ball is a signature move in soccer and can affect players’ brains. A recent Radiology study found "female amateur soccer players who frequently head balls showed more white matter brain alterations than their male counterparts."

The sample included 49 females and 49 males with ages ranging from 18 to 50. After the MRI imaging of their brains, the females were compared to a male player who was close to their age and had similar heading exposure. The lead author says that the research wasn’t about concussions. Instead, it measured “sub-concussive injuries.”


Lawsuits are not always about money. Sometimes, the crucial portion of a lawsuit settlement is a judicial order that requires the defendant to remedy the situation that caused the plaintiff's injury, thereby preventing future injury to other people.Rapier Law Firm is proud of its recent settlement on behalf of a plaintiff who was injured as the result of a dangerous condition at the entranceway of a St. Charles restaurant. As part of the settlement, and in addition to a monetary portion amounting to $2,500,000, Aaron was able to negotiate a requirement that the defendant fix the dangerous condition that caused the plaintiff's injury. The Firm's client was not the first person injured as the result of the unsafe entranceway, but should be the last at this restaurant.

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