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Understanding bad faith insurance

It’s not unreasonable to expect your insurance company to pay your health claims promptly, should the need arise. In some circumstances, they don’t always do this. Health insurance providers often use tactics to avoid responsibility by denying the policy covers the claim or by delaying the investigation of the claim.

Does age-targeted job recruiting violate civil rights?

College graduates are no longer guaranteed to find a job just because they have a degree. If the job market is a challenge for young people in Illinois and across the country, those who are over 40 have even more difficulty finding work. While it is a violation of employment civil rights for an employer to refuse to hire someone simply because of his or her age, some businesses may have found a way around that law.

A greater risk for female soccer players when heading the ball

The popularity of soccer among women and girls has grown and FIFA reports that more than 30 million females play the game worldwide. Heading the ball is a signature move in soccer and can affect players’ brains. A recent Radiology study found "female amateur soccer players who frequently head balls showed more white matter brain alterations than their male counterparts."

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