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Study ranks worst states for motor vehicle accidents

For anyone who is on the road frequently, it is not difficult to see that some areas are more dangerous than others. If one is driving across the country or within the state of Illinois, various factors can affect whether that drive is pleasant or white-knuckle all the way. A recent study examined some of those factors, including the number of motor vehicle accidents, and drivers may be surprised to learn where Illinois fits among the states with the worst motorists.

The study was conducted by advisors to auto insurance companies. The elements the researchers examined included how many drivers carried auto insurance, how DUI rates spread across the number of drivers and the ratio of miles driven to fatal accidents. Researchers also counted the number of times residents in the state used internet search terms related to moving violations.

Illinois did not do badly, ranking 40th among all 50 states. Drivers in this state may be comforted to know that over 83 percent of those who share roads with them have insurance, and DUIs average just above .4 per 1,000 drivers. However, these statistics include those who are residents of Illinois. Just over the state line in Missouri, DUIs average almost 4.6 per 1,000 drivers. States to the south ranked as the highest risks for drivers, combining very high death tolls with low insurance coverage.

Rankings and statistics do not always tell the whole story. Even though Illinois rated relatively safe, it only takes one careless or impaired driver to cause a life-changing accident. Those who suffer injuries or lose loved ones in motor vehicle accidents have the right to seek legal counsel about the options for pursuing compensation for their damages.

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