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Trick-or-treat personal injury hazards in the neighborhood

Many Illinois parents enjoy Halloween as much as their children. There may be adult parties, costume contests and the Naperville Halloween Hop for all ages. Of course, trick-or-treating is the climax of the holiday. However, as spooky and fun as neighborhood properties may be, if property owners neglect to exercise precautions, those decorations may present a personal injury hazard for kids and chaperones.

Chances are that most of the houses children and parents visit for trick-or-treat are properties that they seldom visit. Combine that unfamiliarity with the dark of night and the gloomy decorations, and the result is an already dangerous situation. By law, if a neighbor's porch light is on, trick-or-treaters can consider it an invitation to come onto the property. If a neighbor is welcoming people onto the property, he or she has a responsibility to provide a reasonable standard of safety.

A neighbor may jeopardize the safety of a trick-or-treater in numerous ways. For example, running extension cords or decorations across walkways is a good way to create a trip hazard. A neighbor who uses fog, strobe lights or frightening pranks may create a number of health and safety risks. Additionally, some neighbors may neglect to contain their dogs, and a skittish animal may bite when approached by costumed strangers.

Halloween is a time for good-natured fear, but trick-or-treaters should not have to fear for their own well-being when they enter someone's property. Those in Illinois who suffer injuries due to the negligence of a property owner have the right to seek legal counsel about their options. They may be eligible for compensation for their injuries through a personal injury claim.

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