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Common bad faith actions of insurance companies

Having insurance can bring great relief to those in Illinois who suffer injury. Insurance can cover most expenses related to an accident injury, such as doctor visits, medication and hospital stays, but it is important for the policyholder to understand any exclusions. Submitting an insurance claim after an accident is not always an easy process, and insurers may employ many tactics to delay or deny a valid claim for coverage. When this happens, the insurance company may be acting in bad faith.

Bad faith is when the insurer intentionally looks for ways to disqualify a policyholder from receiving a legitimate claim. Such tactics are unfair, dishonest and, in many cases, illegal. Insurers have an obligation to investigate each claim and settle them quickly and fairly. However, an insurance adjuster may delay the claims process by taking a long time to begin the investigation or by requesting unnecessary documentation from the claimant.

An insurer may also fail to investigate at all and simply deny the claim outright. Some policyholders have dealt with insurers who rely on the customer's unfamiliarity with their policies or with insurance law. They may neglect to tell injured customers about coverage for which they qualify or withhold information about critical deadlines.

Perhaps the most common and frustrating bad faith move from an insurer is pressuring an injured customer into accepting an unreasonably low settlement. This often leaves accident victims with few resources for obtaining the help they need for a complete recovery. When Illinois consumers deal with the unfair tactics of insurance companies, they can seek assistance and advocacy from a skilled attorney.

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