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Motor vehicle accidents at busy Illinois intersections

Car crashes happen for many reasons, including driver confusion and errors committed at busy intersections. Motor vehicle accidents that happen at stop signs, traffic lights and heavy traffic areas often happen at low speeds, but they can result in serious injuries for all parties involved. There are a few intersections in Illinois where the rate of accidents is higher than others. 

A few of the intersections mentioned as particularly dangerous are those through which many commuters drive in and out of town. When there is more congestion, the chance of an accident increases as a driver may not be fully attentive while at an intersection, or they may be in a hurry and prone to make reckless decisions. Police have even noted that some of these specific intersections are difficult to patrol, as it is difficult to make traffic stops without making it more likely an accident will occur.

Intersection accidents happen for many reasons, but authorities believe that drivers being in a hurry may play a large role. Some larger intersections have multiple lights and lanes, and it is easy for drivers to get confused or change lanes without warning. At this time, it is not clear if Illinois authorities will do anything to make these intersections safer for motorists.

Injured victims of motor vehicle accidents have the right to seek compensation, whether the accident took place on the interstate or at a busy intersection. A person who suffered because of the actions of another person may be able to claim compensation for medical bills and other damages. A complete assessment of the case will reveal what options are available.

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