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Does your employer's dress code violate your civil rights?

High schools in Illinois and across the country are dealing with many serious issues. Some administrations believe they can combat these issues through adherence to a strict dress code. In the business world, dress codes exist to promote the image of company professionalism, to make it easy for clients to distinguish employees or for safety issues. However, employers must be careful that their dress code policies do not violate the civil rights of their workers.

Does age-targeted job recruiting violate civil rights?

College graduates are no longer guaranteed to find a job just because they have a degree. If the job market is a challenge for young people in Illinois and across the country, those who are over 40 have even more difficulty finding work. While it is a violation of employment civil rights for an employer to refuse to hire someone simply because of his or her age, some businesses may have found a way around that law.

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