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Romance scams are a growing form of consumer fraud

No one likes to be duped, especially when it results in the loss of money. What may be even more painful than consumer fraud that costs someone money is a scam involving the heart. Unfortunately for those in Illinois and across the country, these kinds of scams are becoming more common and more expensive.

Beware of consumer fraud when holiday shopping online

The closer it gets to the holidays, the more frantically some Illinois residents shop. Taking advantage of online bargains and guaranteed fast delivery is incentive for consumers to spend more money. Those looking for unique gifts may stray away from known and trusted online retailers and shop at boutiques instead. However, the Better Business Bureau has issued warnings again this year to be aware of the many types of consumer fraud to which busy shoppers may be vulnerable.

Craigslist is ripe with opportunities for consumer fraud

Shopping is not the same as it was even a generation ago. More consumers use online sites to buy clothing, household items and groceries. Even yard sale shopping has evolved since the advent of Craigslist. However, if Illinois Craigslist users are not cautious, they can become victims of consumer fraud.

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